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Optimizing the Performance of Your Software Applications

5 Things To Do When Load Testing Load testing involves the design and execution of tests to examine the performance of a system. The objectives of load testing are to measure a system’s behavior patterns under certain conditions and determine its capabilities. Running different tests on your website or application will produce many outcomes depending […]

Learning About Load Testing

Load Testing vs. Stress Testing vs. Concurrent Testing For every software that gets developed, it is highly significant to subject it to a vigorous series of tests prior to its release in the public, so that the manufacturers will become dependable in the consumers’ eyes, and the latter can get the most out of the […]

Understanding The Term Load Testing

In the world of engineering, new developments carry both a risk of success or failure. Consequently, developers have to test new milestones before releasing them to clients. A load test is one of them. It falls under a bigger bracket called performance testing. It is aimed at testing the success of systems such as a […]